Malawi is one of the countries worst hit by the AIDS pandemic, with over 12% of the adult population infected with HIV. In the larger urban centers, such as the capital city of Lilongwe, up to 20% are HIV positive.

Partners in Hope is a Malawian non-profit organization that exists to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi through:

HIV Prevention

Preventing the spread of HIV through evidence-based prevention strategies, with a special focus on HIV positive pregnant women, and people living with HIV.


HIV Treatment           
A daily oral antiretroviral (ARV) drug can extend the lives of patients with HIV, allowing them to continue with productive lives. A person on ARVs is also 96% less likely to spread HIV to an uninfected partner.
Training & Mentoring
PIH's training program, EQUIP-Malawi, works in 5 mission hospitals and over 40 rural health centers, strengthening the skills of the health workers and improving the systems for managing HIV and Tuberculosis (Tb). The program is funded by the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The large volume of HIV and Tb patients at PIH and its training sites has created "fertile ground" for practical research that answers Malawi's questions about HIV and Tb diagnosis and treatment strategies.