Lexie Day is a lab technician from Australia who worked at the Partners in Hope Medical Center (PIH) for seven months.  When asked why she came to Malawi, she said, “My whole life, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. “  She took the first step by attending a mission conference where she learned about an international, interdenominational mission organization called SIM (Serving in Mission).  “I was praying for purpose, looking for what God wanted.”

“Later, I was visiting a church, singing along with the people, ‘ I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned…’  It hit me that the time is now to do something.  My sister asked, ‘Lexie, what is stopping you from going now?’”  She then contacted SIM and learned of several opportunities, including the one at PIH in Malawi.  The phrase in the job description that caught her attention was, “setting up quality systems and quality assurance”. 

Lexie's first impression upon arriving in Malawi was, “There’s a lot of dirt!”  It’s true, as it was the dry season.  However, she was pleasantly surprised when the rains began sometime in November and the landscape transformed to a lush green.  She added, “People are really friendly and welcoming here, saying hello every time I pass them.”

In regard to working with her Malawian colleagues she said, “There were a lot less cultural differences than I'd expected.  We joked together; they got my humor.  That surprised me.  They can really speak English, not just the basics.”  When asked about being a single woman in Malawi, she said, “I don’t think my experience has been any less because of being single.  I found the place safe, so I didn't worry about safety.  I met other people within SIM, going away to the lake, out to dinners, or whatever.”

“It was a really good experience.  God’s provision, His grace, and the way He looked after me amazed me.”  She’s grateful for a team of people back in Australia who supported her, both financially and by prayer.  Lexie said, “It’s been amazing to see people’s generosity toward me and God’s work.”