Chikondi’s Story-by Carolyn Moore

Hopelessness to Health

“Chikondi” had lost the will to live. She no longer cared enough about herself to take her daily AIDS medications (ARVs), and her health deteriorated. In her despondency, she even turned away from her family. However, things began to turn around for Chikondi the day someone brought her to the Partners in Hope Medical Center.  Read More

One Couple's Journey
-by Brenda Jansen

"Don't put it off until you're sick"

There was no more denying it anymore...she had to get help.  "Sarah’s" body was ‘screaming’ at her to get to the hospital, to learn the reason behind her weakness and inability to walk or even eat. Her husband helped her get into the mini-bus, and they were on their way to the government hospital. It was there that they learned she was HIV positive. Unfortunately, there was no pre-test counseling done, so they weren’t prepared for this surprising news.  Read More

Not an ‘Easy Fix’-by Brenda Jansen

A complicated family situation impacts one young girl's life

(story began in November, last paragraph for today's update)

Daily life is a laborious, painful grind for many Malawians. Meeting the basic needs for themselves and their families consumes the hours of each day. Poverty, disease and hunger constantly threaten their lives, wearing them down, eventually snuffing out hope. The size and scope of the problems in this society overwhelm those who could offer help. In our nine years in Malawi, we’ve learned that by helping the individuals or families who ‘cross our paths’, those we become aware of, we can make a difference.  Read More

 Grace’s “Best Day”-by Dr. Perry Jansen

She said, “This is my best day”.

"Grace” was a new patient to Partners in Hope this week.  She’d seen several doctors over the last few months for pain in the front of her chest which worsened with swallowing.  With sores in her mouth and symptoms of a fungal infection in her esophagus, no one had even suggested that she might have HIV. Read More

Madalitso's Story-by Dr. Perry Jansen

He can now speak about HIV ‘first hand’

I still remember my first contact with "Madalitso", a 35 year old man who works with a large organization in Malawi.  His was not an uncommon story… a young, previously healthy man who came with the diagnosis of a “stroke”.  Like many others I have seen, the left-sided paralysis was not due to a stroke, but a serious fungal infection that can be seen in AIDS patients (toxoplasmosis).  Read More

Mercy's Story-by Brenda Jansen

"Even with HIV, life is still bright"

"Mercy" had lived through the pain and rejection of divorce, but even tougher times were ahead for this former member of Malawi’s Parliament. Two years later, a chronic cough led her to seek medical help from her brother, a clinician at a local hospital. Observing how sick she was, he encouraged her to be tested for HIV. The news that she was indeed positive came as a huge blow to Mercy. She told me, “I felt shattered, and I wept uncontrollably for nearly an hour.” Read More

Stephen's Story-by Brenda Jansen

"It doesn't mean it's the end of your life"

The immigration officer at the border didn’t expect "Stephen" to live very long, so he wrote the word “forever” in his passport.  He and his brothers were returning to Malawi to get the medical attention he desperately needed.  What that officer had seen was a gravely ill man, weighing just over 100 pounds.  He was too weak to walk, talk or eat.  Read More

Tapiwa's Story-by Brenda Jansen

Tapiwa’s story is not finished yet

She held tightly to her walking frame on wheels, taking each step with care as she came to meet me. My first impression of "Tapiwa" was made by her smile and the warmth in her eyes. However, as she began sharing her life’s story, her smile left her face, and her eyes revealed much sadness. Read More

Mateo's Story-by Brenda Jansen

His small physical frame betrays his inner strength.

"Mateo" greeted me warmly and welcomed me into his living room, eager to share his story. The sincerity in his eyes and the gestures of his hands, often placed on his chest as he spoke, told me that this would be no ordinary visit.
What he would describe to me about living with AIDS, losing his precious wife, and struggling to support his two teenage children, would understandably bring about hopelessness and despair. But as I listened, I observed something very different.  Read More

Emma's Story-by Brenda Jansen

“HIV divides, but it also brings people together.”

Losing her father when she was a teenager impacted "Emma’s" life more deeply than she understood. Her longing for a sense of family and security lead her to join a group of girls who took her further down a path of despair, they were prostitutes. Read More

Gratitude for Life-by Brenda Jansen

Gratitude for life. . .

that’s what the man expressed to Perry as he greeted him that Sunday morning. He was one of many patients who had nearly given up on life. His wife had died, and he was so frail that he could no longer walk. But there he was, healthy again, his perspective on what’s important forever changed. Observing this man pray and sing praises to the Lord in our church’s worship service is more than heartwarming. His story is one of many that add to Perry’s passion for his job here in Malawi. It’s about people getting off their deathbeds, returning to work, resuming the care of their children. It’s about offering hope to the nearly hopeless.

Chimwemwe's Check-up-by Melissa Aberle-Grasse

Follow Chimwemwe Disi, age thirteen, on her trip across town to the Moyo clinic.Just a monthly check up… yet there are so many obstacles along the way on her journey. Read More