Grace’s “Best Day”-by Dr. Perry Jansen

She said, “This is my best day”.

“Grace” was a new patient to Partners in Hope this week.  She’d seen several doctors over the last few months for pain in the front of her chest which worsened with swallowing.  With sores in her mouth and symptoms of a fungal infection in her esophagus, no one had even suggested that she might have HIV.

Not surprisingly, she did test HIV positive.  What is still surprising to me, though I’ve seen it many times before, is that she was “happy” to hear this news.  She said, “This is my best day.”   She clearly meant what she said.  I’ve given this news to hundreds of people over the last eight years and it still surprises me…inspires me, really.  To face such a serious diagnosis with hope and anticipation is part of what moves me to do more.   Grace is on her way to feeling better, and living better and longer, because of what God allows me and all the Partners in Hope staff to do.  What a privilege!