Future Projects  

 Pediatric Ward

The burden of serious disease among children is born most heavily by the poor.  Malawi still has among the highest under-five mortality rates in the world.  Many of these deaths are from preventable and easily treated diseases like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.  Lack of staff and medications at overcrowded government hospitals is a factor contributing to this mortality.  PIH works closely with the local government hospital (Kamuzu Central Hospital-KCH) and aims to develop a pediatric in-patient ward to care for the sickest children in our area.  The main wards will be free-of-charge, with some private rooms for fee-paying patients.                              

 PIH Surgery Center

Despite the fact that Lilongwe is a city of over 800,000 people in a district of 1.5 million, there is not a single modern surgical facility.  The PIH Surgical Center will aim for international standards for surgical care and infection prevention.  Equipment and skilled staff will be one of few facilities in the region with the capacity for modern surgical procedures, including laparoscopic surgery.  Like our other departments, the surgical center will also serve as a center for training tomorrows surgeons for Africa.                             



 Dalitso Clinic is a private, fee-for-services clinic caring for a broad range of medical issues. The clinic see 50-80 patients a day with about 50-60% of the cases HIV-related.  Contracts with local employers allow patients to access HIV care in a highly confidential setting.  The clinic generates income to support the many free services at Partners in Hope.

 Moyo Clinic is a free HIV-specialty clinic caring for over 6,000 HIV patients, most receiving anti-retroviral therapy.  With over 40,000 patient visits per year it is one of the busiest HIV clinics in the country.  Patients access a full spectrum of services, all completely free of charge.  The clinic also serves as a center for training other clinicians in HIV and Tb Care  
   Thandizo Ward is a 15-bed inpatient ward which cares for our sickest patients.  It also follows a public-private model, offering private and VIP rooms which generate income for our free HIV patients.
 PIH Laboratory is one of only a handful of laboratories eligible for accreditation by the World Health Organization. It has a broad range of diagnostic testing including a state-of-the-art lab for Tuberculosis and HIV viral load.  
      Radiology The radiology department at PIH features digital radiology, providing the highest quality x-rays available in Malawi.  PIH also provides a broad spectrum of ultrasound imaging, aiding in proper diagnoses.