PMTCT=Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Identifying pregnant women with HIV provides an opportunity to impact the future for the whole family. We work with 5 hospitals and over 40 health centers to assure that all pregnant women get tested for HIV, and those who are HIV+ get onto antiretroviral therapy. This can decrease the chance of passing HIV to the child from 30+% without treatment to less than 5%!
Prevention with Positives
Regular visits with our HIV patients give us many opportunities to teach them how to live positively with their illness. Part of this includes teaching them about how to avoid passing HIV onto others. Adherence to medications, testing sexual partners and regular use of condoms can mean that HIV may not be passed along to those that they love.

Treatment as Prevention
Recent studies have confirmed what has been suspected for a long time. Patients who are taking antiretroviral medications as directed are up to 96% less likely to pass HIV on to uninfected partners. Expanding access to HIV testing and treatment to as many as possible is now an important strategy for HIV prevention. PIH and its partners now care for over 18,000 patients with HIV and continue to add about 200 new patients each month..