EQUIP Malawi is a USAID funded project committed to improving the care given in rural hospitals, training and mentoring clinicians and nurses in HIV/AIDS care and conducting practical operational research.  EQUIP was the primary partner of the Ministry of Health program for retraining hundreds of health care workers in the updated AIDS treatment protocol in 2011.  The EQUIP Program is focused on:

  • Training Malawian Health care workers in up-to-date protocols for HIV treatment and antiretroviral therapy
  • One-on-one mentoring on-site at over 40 health facilities in the central and northern zones
  • Improving referral mechanisms and tools at sites
  • Assisting in implementing new PMTCT protocols to prevent the spread of HIV+ pregnant women to their unborn children.
  • Improving laboratory and clinic infrastructure at HIV treatment sites
  • Installing and training in electronic data management systems to improve feedback to sites and follow up of patients.
  • Locally relevant research aimed at evaluating program effectiveness and answering strategic questions to advise the national program.