WHY?  Why is it so important to care for patients with HIV? Aren’t we just keeping them alive longer to spread the infection to others? Shouldn’t we just focus on helping the many people around us who need our help? These are legitimate questions.  Find some answers here
 WHAT?  What is HIV treatment?  How does it work?  How much does it cost? Find out more here
 WHO?  Hear some stories of people living with HIV and how their lives have been impacted by the work of Partners in Hope.  See story below or click here to read others.
The immigration officer at the border didn’t expect Stephen to live very long, so he wrote the word “forever” in his passport.  He and his brothers were returning to Malawi to get the medical attention he desperately needed.  What that officer had seen was a gravely ill man, weighing just over 100 pounds.  He was too weak to walk, talk or eat.  He remembers being placed in a wheelchair, his head propped up for him, his powerless legs lifted to put his feet on the footrests.

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